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  1. Effective viscosity and elasticity in dense suspensions under impact: Toward a modeling of walking on suspensions
    Pradipto, , and Hayakawa, H.
    Phys. Rev. E Aug 2023


  1. Non-trivial relationship between scaling behavior and the spatial organization of GDP in Indonesian cities
    Kuno, G., and Pradipto,
    PLOS ONE Nov 2022


  1. Viscoelastic response of impact process on dense suspensions
    Pradipto, , and Hayakawa, H.
    Physics of Fluids Sep 2021
  2. Impact-induced hardening in dense frictional suspensions
    Pradipto, , and Hayakawa, H.
    Physical Review Fluids Mar 2021


  1. Simulation of dense non-Brownian suspensions with the lattice Boltzmann method, shear jammed and fragile states
    Pradipto, , and Hayakawa, H.
    Soft Matter Jan 2020